About Us

Rough Diamond World is a sixth generation diamond importing company, but we are definitely not old fashioned

Once a supplier of industrial rough for products such as drill bits and wire pulls, Andrew Slesinger, the sixth generation and current owner, got the idea to start looking for interesting rough to sell as well as polish. As a result in 2004, Rough Diamond World was born. What started as an after work sideline has developed into a legitimate business of its own. RDW now employs a staff in NYC and a factory in India. Rough Diamond World is the industry leader in alternative style diamonds, such as salt and pepper and rustics rose cuts while still maintaining it’s traditional side with melee and GIA graded stones too!

Videos from RDW

“A perceived flawless perfection, such as a perfect record or a diamond without flaws, is a false narrative not worth pursuing. Perfection lies in the meticulous refinement of who we are as individuals, perceived flaws or losses included, and presenting that self to the world. In cutting a diamond we look for all the characteristics that make it beautiful and unique in a systematic process that takes time and skill, much like a fighter’s training and career looks like when they are presented to you in the ring.” – Andrew Slesinger

Watch the video from UFC featuring RDW’s Andrew Slesinger

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your diamonds treated or enhanced in any way?

While most of our diamonds are 100% natural and have not been worked on in any way, we do carry a small selection of color enhanced diamonds. We will always disclose any treatment up front. Look for the terms “treated” or “color enhanced” in the title

What is your minimum for purchase?

We don’t have a minimum. We are happy to send you as much or as little as you need.

What is your return policy?

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase we are always happy to arrange for a return or exchange. However please note that we cannot accept returns on stones that have already been set.

We ask that any returns or exchanges be made within 3 weeks of purchase. Of course, we understand that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances, so please feel free to contact us regarding a return should it be after the three week period.

How much is international shipping?

We ship internationally at no cost for any purchase over $500US. For smaller purchases, international shipping for polished diamonds is $50. For rough is its $70 which also covers the mandatory Kimberley Certificate.

How much are the customs duties to my country?

Unfortunately, the laws and taxes differ greatly from country to country. If you are not sure what the diamonds importing duties are in your country, we suggest contacting your country’s customs department for the most up to date information.

Why must I pay shipping twice for my order containing both rough and polished diamonds?

The Kimberley Process strictly forbids shipping rough and polished diamonds together when crossing any border. So, unfortunately we must ship these separately. If your order is over $500 we will only charge shipping once, if it is over $1000 we will ship both at no cost.

Will my order come with a Kimberley Certificate?

The Kimberley Process governs the international trade of rough diamonds so a Kimberley Certificate is only issued when we are sending rough outside the US. However all of our invoices contain the mandatory Kimberley Statement which guarantees that our diamonds are responsibly sourced and conflict free.

Where are your diamonds sourced? Are they conflict free?

Our diamonds are sourced from Kimberley compliant countries around the world. As Kimberley licensees we take or responsibility to source ethically very seriously. They are conflict free.

Can I polish your rough diamonds into gem stones?

Most of the rough diamonds we sell are best kept as specimens or set as they are. Most of the stones we believe will polish well, we polish ourselves.

Will you buy my rough diamond?

We take our responsibility as Kimberley Licensees very seriously. To that end, we do not purchase rough unsolicited.